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11th Feb 2019

The hidden red of the Southern Rhône

by Matt Walls

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge – and her sister, Pippa. Andy Murray – and his brother, Jamie. Beyoncé Knowles – and her sister, Solange. Having a more famous brother or sister can be a mixed blessing. On the one hand, it brings the... Read more


7th Feb 2019

The final turn of the screw

by Tim Atkin MW

The Japanese have a single word for it: tsundoku. The English translation is less succinct but the phenomenon will be familiar to many of you: the practice of buying more books than one can possibly read. Call it a compulsion, call it... Read more


3rd Feb 2019

Donald Trump triumphs at the San Francisco Chronice Wine Competition

by Ron Washam

OK, let me just say this. I’m very proud to announce that my Trump 2014 Blanc de Blanc was named the Greatest Sparkling Wine Ever Made by the San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition. Ever made! That includes Donald Perignon and Vulva Clicquot,... Read more


31st Jan 2019

For Nemea and Saint George - Agiorgitiko Today

by Peter Pharos

It was a quiet summer afternoon in Florence. Some tourists in Belgian shirts were nursing pints and wounds, averting their gaze from the TV showing last night’s highlights. Their English counterparts were busy choosing their seats for the... Read more


28th Jan 2019

Cape Redux

by Robert Joseph

“It is highly unlikely that functioning farming enterprises will be confiscated… Farm invasions are extremely rare in South Africa. I do not recall one in the last couple of years.”... Read more


24th Jan 2019

The art of constant readjustment

by Christy Canterbury MW

“The art of life is a constant readjustment to our surroundings,” wrote Kakuzo Okakura. Internationally best known for his work The Book of Tea, this Japanese art maestro worked fervently to educate his fellow Japanese about their... Read more


21st Jan 2019

The power of wine's collective spirit

by Tim Atkin

It was a surprise win, given its mixed reviews and the problems that occurred during filming, but anyone who’s seen, enjoyed and sung along to Bohemian Rhapsody will be glad that the Queen biopic of the same name and its star, Rami Malek, took... Read more


21st Jan 2019

Look back in anger: the Cape wine industry 30 years ago

by Robert Joseph

“I have never heard any public figure in our wine industry call for vineyard ownership, land ownership in the Cape, to be opened up unconditionally to all races. To many of us, and to our overseas friends, as well as critics, a non-racial wine... Read more


7th Jan 2019

The Dark Web of Wine

by Ron Washam

There are wine sites on the internet where you don’t want to go. I’m not just referring to the horrors of PUNCH or Wine Anorak, but sites even worse for wine (and language) lovers. Worse than Forbes.com! Worse than Wine Folly! Sites that... Read more


17th Dec 2018

The kingdom of the blind

by Matt Walls

Most wine professionals have a story of when they aced a blind tasting, a well-worn tale of olfactory deduction that would have Sherlock Holmes slack-jawed in amazement. It inevitably concludes with a self-deprecating comment along the lines of... Read more