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16th Oct 2018

How to make a hangover work for you

by Celia Bryan-Brown

I saw Christmas decorations in the supermarket today. Admittedly, they were tucked behind ranks of lurid Halloween costumes – but still. Between these and the inexplicable (and surely eternally unused) nets-of-nuts, family pack chocolates and... Read more


15th Oct 2018

Do winemakers improve with age?

by Tim Atkin MW

Peter Sisseck poured a sample of his 2016 Pingus with obvious pride, watching my eyes for a reaction. He’s a thoughtful, modest man, who abhors self-promotion and would never think of trying to influence a journalist, but as I finished my... Read more


4th Oct 2018

Our vanishing Master Sommeliers

by Ron Washam

Researchers say there are no more than 273 of them left in the world. Many of the males are old, long past a desirable reproductive age. They’re nocturnal for the most part, using the darkness of the night to hide their neurotic fear of... Read more


29th Sep 2018

Is an imitation wine better than a fake?

by Christy Canterbury MW

Charles Caleb Colton is originally credited with the phrase, “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” Yet it more often is attributed to Oscar Wilde, whose cheeky addition “...that mediocrity can pay to greatness” is frequently... Read more


13th Sep 2018

The Wine Writers of Penzance

by Peter Pharos

A scenic market town in South England. A gang of rowdy wine writers have ambushed a party of innocent wine sellers. The leading seller, a jovial, portly man in his early 50s, steps forward to the Head of the Wine Writers’ gang, and the... Read more


13th Sep 2018

Bad times in Buenos Aires

by Tim Atkin MW

Every year at the end of my three-week tour of Argentina, I sit down with Dr Nicolas Catena of Bodega Catena Zapata for breakfast. He, inevitably, wants to talk about wine – new bodegas and regions, the latest vintage – while I want to talk... Read more


3rd Sep 2018

Freddie Perjury, Director of Greenwashing

by Ron Washam

Prick Family Vineyards owner Rich Prick has announced the hiring of Freddie Perjury as Director of Greenwashing. “I’ve given Freddie the assignment of communicating to the wine buying public our commitment to the environment, to the health... Read more


22nd Aug 2018

Eccentric current

by Matt Walls

English sparkling wine producers collectively present a terribly well-to-do appearance, all smart chinos and glasses of fizz on the lawn. But Pythonesque tendrils are creeping through the cracks in the patio… From Sussex Pinotage, to Tooting... Read more


10th Aug 2018

The Cost of the Dream

by Tim Atkin

Is marriage a matter of the head or the heart? Driving back from my godson’s wedding in Nottingham recently, I heard an interview with Baroness Fiona Shackleton, Britain’s leading divorce lawyer, on BBC Radio Four’s Today Programme, about... Read more


6th Aug 2018

Natural Disaster Wines

by Ron Washam

Natural Wines are so last year. Oh, there’s the usual set of One Trick Phonies out there who will never stop evangelizing for Natural Wines. What else do they have? Natural Wine is their only identity. There’s an enormous world of wine out... Read more